Remote Electronic Brain Neuro Stimulation and Muscle Stimulation

With the XTX4 system, for each of our clients, depending on what options they choose, we simply have one or more iOS devices we manage to help best enhance and optimize every area of life. Each device is secured and setup to be synced with their personal apps and accounts. Whether financial, health, fitness, home security, or other cloud services and content, we’re able to monitor, adjust, and provide you with optimal result.

Starting today, we are able to use the Thync wearable brain stimulation system to control your state of mind. If we notice you’re having an energy slump, based on your various health vitals (pulse, blood pressure, movement, etc.), we can then stimulate your brain electronically to help give you a boost.¬†Or, if you’re in a tense meeting, and need to calm down, we can stimulate your brain to produce a calming state of mind. This is all done through the use of sophisticated neurosignaling logarithms.

The video below will give you a better idea of how the Thync system functions.

* * *

We’re working on more advanced programing to give you a sensation of well being, joy, happiness, and other moods so you can request any mood you’d like.


Muscle Stimulation

By adding muscle stimulation to our logarithms, we can create an expanded experience that also can provide you with micro workouts throughout the day.