Remote Electronic Brain Neuro Stimulation and Muscle Stimulation

With the XTX4 system, for each of our clients, depending on what options they choose, we simply have one or more iOS devices we manage to help best enhance and optimize every area of life. Each device is secured and setup to be synced with their personal apps and accounts. Whether financial, health, fitness, home security, or other cloud services and content, we’re able to monitor, adjust, and provide you with optimal result.

Starting today, we are able to use the Thync wearable brain stimulation system to control your state of mind. If we notice you’re having an energy slump, based on your various health vitals (pulse, blood pressure, movement, etc.), we can then stimulate your brain electronically to help give you a boost. Or, if you’re in a tense meeting, and need to calm down, we can stimulate your brain to produce a calming state of mind. This is all done through the use of sophisticated neurosignaling logarithms.

The video below will give you a better idea of how the Thync system functions.

* * *

We’re working on more advanced programing to give you a sensation of well being, joy, happiness, and other moods so you can request any mood you’d like.


Muscle Stimulation

By adding muscle stimulation to our logarithms, we can create an expanded experience that also can provide you with micro workouts throughout the day.

Location Aware Social Proximity-Based Guidance

Based on your location information, combined with the geolocation of others, we can help you meet or avoid people. For people you might want to connect with, we use real-world social connectivity apps. For people you’d like to avoid, we use apps like Cloak.


The above feature enhancement has been added to version 20150228SA1955 of the XTX4 system.

Open Source Public Domain Holistic Life Coaching


The XTX4 system is an open source public domain holistic life coaching system that heavily uses existing products on the market such as personal health monitoring systems, financial aggregators, and smart home technologies. This material is copyrighted as public domain, so no company can patent this system or attempt to prevent others from using and developing it. Version 20150228SA1827 of the XTX4 system is described below.

How it Works

We combine inexpensive products that already exist in the marketplace today. These are personal health tracking devices, smart home devices, and financial aggregators. With your permission, this information is shared with your holistic life collaboration coach. Our system utilizes telemetry technologies similar to that used by doctors to remotely monitor the vitals of hospital patients.

  • Business Intelligence. We monitor your small or large business using a Domo business intelligence dashboard and provide you with reports, advice, and alerts to your specifications.
  • Environmental Intelligence (Indoors). Using multiple redundant systems such as Alima and Canary, we track indoor air quality. We use the Nest Thermostat to intelligently track and adjust temperature. If your body temperature drops at night, we can increase the room temperature in your bedroom or whatever room you happen to be in using an infinite multi-zone climate control based on the EcoVent System.
  • Environmental Intelligence (Outdoors). We monitor tree pollen, grass pollen, and weed pollen for your area using the app for iPhone. Using Aerio we can monitor the ambient air quality wherever you are. We also provide you with a morning report suggesting the best clothing and transportation options for the day.
  • Financial Intelligence. We use to track all of your financial expenses and provide you with realtime advice, suggestions, and alerts based on present activity and future trends. We can pay bills and make investments if you’d like. Using Neat Receipts, we can monitor every single purchase and every single item you buy. If  you purchase an item that’s available elsewhere on sale, you’re immediately notified so you can return it before leaving the store. We’ll have it shipped to your home overnight. With all this data, we can have your taxes completed by 8AM on January 1, and with electronic filing, your tax return can be in your account within a few days.
  • Health Intelligence. Using the FitBit system, we can track your sleep quality at night, and wellness during the day. We also monitor your food purchases to see if they are consistent with your dietary restrictions and wellness goals.
  • Home Automation. Many of the home automation technologies for environmental control, safety, and security are mentioned elsewhere in this list. The SmartHome home automation system lets us turn lights and and off, monitor electric usage, and through the Amazon Echo system, you can use voice commands to ask questions or order items.
  • Information Intelligence – Through a shared Google account, your personal life coach can remotely monitor and track all your Internet activity and emails. A Chrome browser logged in as you, provides all the searches and page history (does not include incognito data). Your life advisor can provide advice more effectively based on what your current interests are. We also monitor your computer backups, both local and cloud backups, to ensure your data is protected.
  • Proximity Intelligence. Apple and Google devices have persistent location tracking. If you have the 24-7 coaching package, your three life collaboration coaches can monitor your location in three 8-hour shifts. Reminders based on location can be sent as alerts via SMS text. If you’re driving over the speed limit, we’ll warn you before you get a speeding ticket. An Apple computer logged in as you, helps us monitor all SMS messages and phone calls. Access to a Google voice account allows your life coach to monitor all phone messages.
  • Security Intelligence. Using Dropcam we can monitor your home or business while you’re away. When you’re home, we can monitor your activity and provide encouragement or suggestions as needed. Additional security and smart home technologies include motion sensors, temperature sensors, noise sensors, water sensors, smoke sensors, and CO2 sensors.
  • Sleep Intelligence. Using an advanced CPAP system with wireless module, we’re able to provide you with optimized sleep. Air pressure is adjusted remotely. When snoring is detected, air pressure is increased slightly until completely unimpeded breathing is restored. Air is filtered, warmed, and slightly humidified for optimal deep sleep cycles.
  • Sustainability Intelligence. We use Bidgely to remotely monitor the electric usage of every appliance and electrical device in your home and provide you with suggestions and alerts relating to energy savings. This also helps us track your home activities more closely and advise you accordingly if they impact your time management or wellness goals. Aggregated power usage reports are delivered daily, weekly, monthly, and/or annually. We can also conduct waste audits to see how efficiently you are recycling garbage. To do this, your trash is meticulously inventoried. This is the same process used by most businesses today.
  • Transportation Intelligence. Your preferred or common choice of transportation is recorded by an Android phone as a built-in feature of Android 5. Based on this, and using the weather intelligence, we give you transportation advice and clothing advice. We track traffic and congestion with enough detail to tell you how many cars are backed up at a given stop light. This is a build-in feature with Google maps.


You might think it’s weird to have someone else monitoring so many details in your life. Yet, ask yourself, do you actually have the time and qualifications to optimally manage all of the above areas of life? You probably don’t. With regard to privacy concerns, consider that the NSA and other agencies are mostly likely tracking all of the above. Shouldn’t you have the data that others already have their hands on?

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What if life had an Auto Pilot button? With XTX4, now it does.

Imagine the power of multiple super computers, monitoring your life in real-time, alerting you when needed, researching best practices in the background and correcting your course for optimal outcomes.

XTX4 is a confidential and secure system that provides alerts when any area of your life reaches a threshold you define. This allows for preemptive and proactive alerts to make corrections before there’s a problem.

With our embedded life coaching system, you choose how much of your life you’d like optimized: health, finances, career, relationships, technology, spirituality, etc. If you’d like, we can offer a complete holistic monitoring, coaching, and reporting program to show with real data how effectively you are reaching your goals.

All this done with human intelligence, supported by supercomputing power.

What if life had an Auto Pilot button?

With XTX4, now it does.


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