What if life had an Auto Pilot button? With XTX4, now it does.

Imagine the power of multiple super computers, monitoring your life in real-time, alerting you when needed, researching best practices in the background and correcting your course for optimal outcomes.

XTX4 is a confidential and secure system that provides alerts when any area of your life reaches a threshold you define. This allows for preemptive and proactive alerts to make corrections before there’s a problem.

With our embedded life coaching system, you choose how much of your life you’d like optimized: health, finances, career, relationships, technology, spirituality, etc. If you’d like, we can offer a complete holistic monitoring, coaching, and reporting program to show with real data how effectively you are reaching your goals.

All this done with human intelligence, supported by supercomputing power.

What if life had an Auto Pilot button?

With XTX4, now it does.


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